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SSS Ski Club Events 2023

5/16/23 at 11:30 AM Uncle Julio’s Columbia


Come join your fellow club members for our May luncheon at Uncle Julio’s. If you’re looking for Tex Mex food, this is the place to be. Every nibble and sip is bursting with flavor. They are dedicated to creating the best Mexican food and providing an incredible experience. The restaurant is located outside the Columbia Mall. Follow Broken Land Pkwy off of Rt. 29 in Columbia beyond Little Patuxent Pkwy, turn right onto Town Center Ave then a left at the end of the road and a right turn into the parking lot where you’ll see the restaurant on the right.

June 11  10:00AM   Kayaking at Little Seneca Lake


   We’re going to go back to Little Seneca Lake in Black Hill Regional Park, a 505 acre reservoir with kayak rentals available. If you bring your own boat there is a daily permit fee of $5. The lake is a calm reservoir without a current or tides, so it’s easy paddling.  I’ve been there several times, and there's a lot of area to explore. The lake has 3 fingers that we can explore as much as people are interested, so we can be flexible with the distance we go. Sites to see will include eagles, ospreys, beaver lodges, sunken forest and sun basking turtles. If there’s interest we can stop for a late lunch at a nearby eatery afterwards 

Park in Parking Area 5 and meet at the Boat Rental Area.

June 17     12:30PM    Ski Season Kickoff Party at John and Elvira's