A top priority of the Board of Governors is your health and safety; therefore, we continue trying to deal with the pandemic in the best interests of our Club members. Being optimistic in regards to the vaccine, we are planning to resume outdoor social events this year. Social distancing 6 feet apart and wearing a mask in the outdoor areas will most likely continue to be mandatory.

Sun Snow Surf Ski Club's All Year Fun

2024 Local Events

Feb 22  Dive Bar Meet & Greet  12:00PM  - Savage Mill

               11:00AM  - Walk around Mill area before lunch



2024 Ski Season

February 3-10 Heavenly Valley, California

March 3-10 Snowmass, Colorado

2023 Bike Season

October 29 - November 3:  Georgia - Florida Bike Trip   


Georgia Florida Bike Trip Details

2024 Bike Season

September 9-18:   Spain - Portugal BikeTrip

Spain & Portugal Bike Trip Details


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